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Hey – my name is Cristina Manole and I am the co-founder of CreativeDress, and I inherited my passion for tailoring from my grandmother;  from her I learned to cut and sew, to combine materials, I had a childhood full of creativity with her –  after which I followed a natural school path,  which did not include only this field – I also have a great passion for psychology and philosophy –  to which I added all my personality and just like this CreativeDress was born. 

In 2018, we opened the CreativeDress Workshop, out of passion for clothes made of premium materials, which respect environmental standards – because sustainability is more important than ever! In parallel, we have developed a program for the collection and recycling of clothes that, after these processes, go to people with special needs.

We continuously work on the efficiency of electricity, we use packaging from recyclable sources, because we care!

I think that the only trends that remain fashionable are recycling and repair.

But our care does not only include care for the environment and sustainability, the CreativeDress workshop was thought of as a friendly space, with a relaxation area, creation, food area, lots of natural light, etc. – we try every day to create a wonderful place for our team. 

Our collections are made from natural materials – dyed with non-toxic substances – we make our own patterns taking into account all body types .We are proud to manufacture  most of our garments in Europe using only the highest quality fabrics.


We combine the talent and skill of our creative team with the uniqueness of the materials, we take into account the client’s expectations and we guarantee seriousness in creating a piece of resistance in her wardrobe ”is our promise !. Because all the creations in the workshop are made with passion and talent and are intended for those who know how to appreciate some elegant finishes and details that highlight the refinement and good taste.

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